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Welcome to Affordable Private Tutors. We believe that every individual has unique potential, which is developed through a personal and directed learning approach. With experienced and committed teachers, we provide affordable private tutor services specifically designed to meet your children’s learning needs.

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Nowadays, children are left behind in schooling, especially in the school system in Clark County, with Nevada being the 49th state in education. In Las Vegas, the city is known to overprice everything, especially now with inflation. If parents want to help their children from falling behind, they have to pay thousands of dollars. Private tutoring costs are up the roof. With affordable private tutoring, we are compassionate professional tutors that want to give back to our community and make sure our children don’t fall behind if we can offer a helping hand.

Grade Improvement

We create personalized plans for your child to improve their academics based on the grade they are entering!

Exam Preparation

We help with homework and develop the fundamentals of each topic so they can understand from point A to point B

Our Primary Courses

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  • Elementary Math
  • Pre Algebra
  • Algebra 1 & 2
  • Geometry
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Social Studies

  • World History
  • US History
Anatomy class to children of primaría with a dummy of the human body


  • Biology
  • Anatomy & Physiology
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Language Arts

  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing


  • Spanish
  • English
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Special Tests

  • SAT Preparation
  • ACT Preparation
  • GED test preparation
  • High School Proficiency Exam

Our Programs for excellence

We keep your convenience in mind and work around your schedule. To make your life easier, we bring our services to the comfort of your home at the time and date of your choosing. Our tutors are available every day 7 days a week 9 am-9 pm.

Tutor Preference: One-to-One
Grades K-9th grade
Can travel to your home, meet up at a local library or zoom call!
Weekend Class

During School

We help with homework the child is given and any academic struggles they may be facing.

During Summer

When our children take a three-month break, they tend to lose what they learned; we hold on to a continuous rope to improve their academic performance. We create personalized plans for your child to accel in their academics based on the grade they are entering for the next term! Also, we can help with homework to children enrolled in summer school.

course fees

$35/ hour

For the first month

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Hello, this is for Arick Gutierrez. I was really stressed when I was trying to find a tutor for my son since I didn’t want his grades to be low It’s been really hard since my first language was Spanish. Luckily I was recommended to Affordable Private Tutoring. And I’m really happy I found them. Ever since my son’s grades have gone up, even though they’re on vacation still take the time to do video calls I highly recommend them, great tutors!

Lizzie Gutierrez

Julianna is one of the most genuine, caring, and respectful people | have ever met. Truly somebody you would want in your circle of friends, but more importantly, a true definition of a perfect role model to introduce your kids to. She has improved the grades of all 3 of my struggling kids, not only that but all 3 have acquired a newfound respectful mannerism and work ethic previously not seen before. I've even received compliments from my kids teachers and im glad to say all credit goes to Julianna for being the best tutor in las vegas. She truly cares about her job and the passion overflows to those around her. Thank you Julianna

Carlos A

I have four children that use Juliana's tutoring services. She is remarkable. In the short time they have been with her she has taught them so much. She is kind , patient, on time and is accommodating to our time frames. Her prices are reasonable as well. I would highly recommend Juliana for tutoring.


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